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 Acting Lessons and  the S. M.T. Method for Memorization

S.M.T. Stands for Somatic Memorization Technique

This method was created by my Denver acting coaches, David Dalton and Chad Schnackel, who own Mocksides Studios in Denver and are the writers for You can check out their websites at and

I am certified in the S.M.T. technique by David and Chad. I have practiced this method as an actress myself for several years now and it has made all the difference in being prepared for auditioning and booking jobs. 

S.M.T. is a proven technique that helps you memorize your lines much faster than using older methods of memorization while allowing you to understand the context of the scene you are memorizing. S.M.T. improves cold read skills and helps the actor trust their instincts and feel that they can go into an audition room with confidence and understanding of the scene they are about to portray. 

This technique is not intended to replace an acting method you already study, but just to supplement and aid in the furthering of an actor's ability to memorize quickly, comprehend the scene they are working on and do all of it with confidence.

I was a part of the masters ensemble at DS-Studioworks (Now Mocksides Studios) for over a year and now I am able to memorize a 3-5 page script with comprehension of the scene in 30-40 minutes. Like I said, this technique has been a game changer in my acting and music career. 

 S.M.T. is often learned best in a group setting and is geared towards film and television acting. However I have used this method to help individuals with memorizing musical scenes and dialogue for stage  and it works beautifully.  

Along with the S.M.T. method, in private lessons you will learn how to break down a script and scenes, do in depth character study, learn game changing improv techniques, and of course some fun acting games and exercises! You will develop a strong sense of understanding the craft as well as who you are as an actor and how you are perceived by those casting you. You'll also gain a great library of audition sides and material!