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Performance Opportunities
Full studio recitals: 
These are required in Loveland, CO and Los Angeles, CA twice a year in December and May/June for students up through high school graduation. If a student must miss the recital, they have to perform their pieces during a lesson time for at least 2 family members/friends. Adults may choose to perform in these recitals or not. 
Other performance opportunities are on a per student basis according to their goals.  

Fall In-lesson Recital: 
This recital is performed by only the student during their lesson time the last week in October. The student performs 1-2 pieces based on either a Halloween or Fall/Autumn theme. The audience consists of the people the student chooses to invite (it must be at least 2 people and can be up to 12 people due to space constraints in the studio). Students are invited to dress up in costume if they celebrate Halloween and treat bags will be given to/sent to kids and teens.

Holiday Recital and Party: 
In Colorado, this recital is a performance including all studio students at my home studio decorated for the holidays the third weekend in December. One piece based on the holidays/winter is performed for the entire studio and their families. A party with treats and gifts always follows this performance. A wonderful start to the holiday season!
In Los Angeles, I travel to LA for the same recital  the second weekend in December. It takes place at a student's home (volunteer hosts are always welcome!). Lessons will still occur after the recital in the 3rd week of December.                                   

Spring Parlor Recital:
In Colorado, this recital includes student's choice of repertoire according to the theme of that year and takes place at a larger venue in Loveland or Fort Collins.  
In Los Angeles, this recital normally takes place at the Steinway store in Pasadena, however it may also take place at a larger student home that can accommodate guests. 

Adult Jam Sessions:
These are for my adult students who want to perform a piece, but want to do it in the comfort of an intimate home setting with drinks and food afterward! A very supportive atmosphere and a chance for you to try out what you are working on in front of a loving and supportive audience of fellow students. 

Teacher's Association Recitals, Event Days and Competitions:

The Music Teacher's National Association local chapter for Fort Collins and the San Fernando East Valley chapter of Music Teacher's Association of California host several performing opportunities throughout the year. Students of the Eversole studio in LA and CO are encouraged to participate in as many events as they can.

Please visit and look for the Fort Collins chapter or visit MTACSFEV for specific information about each event. 

Other Opportunities:

I am more than happy to help singer/songwriters, wishing to perform their setlists, find performance venues in both Fort Collins and Los Angeles. 

There are numerous professional and community theaters in the region that hire or cast local talent of all ages. They hold auditions throughout the year for their various productions. Often to hear about auditions you must be a part of their email list. The studio also tries to keep a list of the upcoming auditions for those students interested in performing in community theater. For a list of links to these theaters' websites please see the links page. If there is a link you don't see, but think should be included, please let me know!